Procedurally generated hacking game.

Hack the network. Avoid detection. Evade the TRACE. Get the data.

Your task is to infiltrate a network of computers and extract the DATA without detection or capture.

Originally made for Procedural Generation Jam 2016.


  • A-Z: Hold to capture nodes
  • 1, 2, 3, 4: Use abilities (when available)
  • Alt + D: Reset tutorial



  • I love this so much! Music is awesome, graphics are all glitchy and amazing and gameplay is quick! :D


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Version 5


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It would be nice to have a downloadable version of this...

Hey Alex! Thank you for commenting and yes -- you're absolutely right! I've uploaded an macOS executable (which may have a few sound glitches). Unfortunately, I cannot build a Windows version.

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*sigh* Then i guess i'll have to use Wine...  EDIT: Or not, because it can only run windows programs.