Fruit Ninja-inspired game made for Ludum Dare 35 with theme "Shapeshift". Slice geometry in evenly sized pieces in an ever-increasing rush against time.

Ludum Dare entry page.

How to play

  • Slice shapes in HALF
  • Click + drag mouse to slice
  • You lose a life if an uncut shape leaves the screen

Technologies used

  • Language: Haxe
  • Game engine: Luxe + Nape
  • Code Editor: Atom
  • Graphics: Affinity Designer
  • Music: Bosca Ceoil
  • Sounds: Bfxr


Neat idea, and definitely more challenging than it probably looks at first. —— AtomicPair

This game is really fun, loved the gameplay of slicing shapes :D —— Roan Contreras

A fun twist on the Fruit Ninja idea. —— grayhaze

Super cool! I like how the cut leave traces on the background, the ghosting effect on the cursor and the slow down on the shapes when they get in the middle of the screen. Well done! —— LOSTALLOY

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